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Disclaimer: Consult with a licensed professional before trading, only invest what you can afford to lose, and always trade with caution. Simplytraded and its staff are NOT licensed investment advisers of any kind. Alerts are not a solicitation or recommendation to buy/sell/hold securities but merely investment ideas that should NEVER serve as the basis of your trading decisions. This website and its reports are for general information purposes only. 

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How to profit from SimplyTraded

Click here to get to the subscription page. It is time you get your dose of stock alerts, strategies and insights. Each posts will send an alert to your e-mail so you get a notification to be ahead of the game. 


Once you get the latest list of stock ideas, see which ones you like and confident on trading! Every stock alert is mapped out so you have insight on risks and rewards. *Read through our dislcaimer before performing any trades!*


Made a profit? Sweet! Think about it, just 5% profit on $1000 is already 50$ = that trade already paid for your 1 month subscription. On to the next trade! Did you know last month had superstar stocks? See it below! (chart not available on mobile use)


Continue to grow your capital and we are always happy to know your feedback! Had a great trade? Tell us about it! This our pride and glory! E-mail at Watchlist@simplytraded.com 


So give us a shot! We believe in equipping traders the knowledge needed to make confident trades and be able to find their trading styles. As we also went through similar paths, we know we can't charge ridiculous prices to traders who are only starting with small accounts as each dollar counts! And we never will! Still not convinced? Well check out our top reasons to put things into perspective!


Top reasons! 

TV Bill

How much is your average TV bill? Ever wondered how that monthly bill could make a difference elsewhere?


We all pay for 1 or more form of transport to go to work, make money. How about a payment to be at home?

Phone Bill

Does your phone give you a return on your investment? So much data and none are for investments! Right?


Do you wish you had more time for hobbies, family, instead of stocks? We spend hours daily looking just to save your time!


You like your expensive cup of Joe? On average, 8 drinks is equivalent to our monthly subscription!

Side Income

Work full time? Wish you had the potential to make a side hustle but can't find the time or way? 


How much is an average dinner bill on a nice saturday night? You like to eat out alot? Think about those bills compared to...

Now or Never!

Push it back a week and what is the difference from now? How many weeks has it been?! 

Think about it!


SimplyTraded gives stock alert ideas that are potentially in early stage breakouts or pre-breakouts. We map out what could be the entry and layout potential stop losses and profit taking. 

We also feature articles such as how to forecast your profits even before you trade so you can assess for yourself the risk vs reward. We use past stock examples so you always can relate to a stock you may have traded!

We have traders that have full time jobs, traders that are full time students, traders in different situations! Not everyone has the time  to comb through hundreds to thousands of stocks so we took on that task. 

Our goal is to lay out the map and leave you the final decision wether it is the right type of trade you want or not. We do not pump any stock and always want you to do your own due diligence before placing a trade. Please read through our disclaimer before moving forward!


Current Runners

Take alook at our curren runners from past posts! We post some of our top performing stocks!